Teeth Whitening: Different Methods of Bleaching

Teeth Whitening: Different Methods of Bleaching

When looking at the different options for teeth whitening, it is important to consider technological advances and how they can improve upon the teeth whitening process. Different teeth whitening procedures produce different results. There are several types of professional teeth whitening techniques. All of the ones described below can be put into the category of “bleaching.”

During the professional bleaching process, a highly concentrated bleaching agent of carbamide peroxide is applied to the teeth for a short amount of time. In the mouth, the concentrated solution breaks down to form hydrogen peroxide.

Highly concentrated bleaching is performed in the cosmetic dentist’s office under the su
pervision of the dentist. An advantage to this type of bleaching is that a dentist is able to advise the patient on how much bleaching is needed and whether bleaching will be effective. Some stains such as blue or tetracycline stains do not respond well to bleaching. These types of stains may also require multiple visits to the dentist in order to produce results.

Highly concentrated bleaching has some risks associated with it. Often, the bleach can irritate soft gum tissue, and patients experience pain. This irritation is associated with the high concentration of hydrogen peroxide used. The irritation can be avoided by using lower concentrations of the chemical. Lower concentrations are used in at-home tray bleaching.

teeth-whitening Different Methods of Bleaching

Dentists often use trays when bleaching teeth. However, laser whitening is one of the most effective ways to whiten teeth. The process uses a laser with a gel that whitens the teeth. The procedure is done in the dentist’s office, and a clear bleaching gel is put on a teeth. Then, a laser light begins to activate the crystals in the gel. The crystals then absorb the light’s energy and begin to lighten the teeth while penetrating the teeth’s enamel. Light is added to the bleaching process in order to speed up the teeth whitening procedure.

Laser whitening is the most expensive of all of the teeth whitening procedures, and the length of time it takes to whiten the teeth depends on the severity of teeth discoloration. One big advantage of this form of teeth whitening is that in a very short amount of time, bright white teeth emerge. It usually only takes a single dental visit to achieve maximum whiteness. Other bleaching processes can take up to three visits to produce similar results. However, even though laser whitening can be performed in just one doctor’s visit, the jury is still out on whether this type of teeth whitening lasts longer than traditional bleaching methods. The cost of laser whitening depends on where a person lives. However, on average, laser whitening costs $1000.

Another type of bleaching is custom-fit tray bleaching. In this procedure, a tray that is especially made to fit one’s teeth is worn over the teeth. A bleaching gel is put into the tray. Then, the tray is worn for a short period of time each day. Of all of the bleaching treatments, this teeth-whitening procedure is the least expensive, but it can take up to two weeks to see the full results.

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