tmjBruxism is the technical name for clenching or grinding your jaw. This condition most often occurs when the top and bottom teeth are tightly held together and usually leads to sliding the teeth back and forth over each other. It is most common during sleep, although it can also occur during the daytime as well.

Common causes of this condition are stress, nervous clenching, teeth misalignment, posture, diet, and/or poor sleeping habits.

Some of the best treatments for preventing bruxism is having a professional nightguard (or occlusal guard) made. This appliance will protect your teeth and jaw from clenching and grinding.

Another option is Botox therapy. In moderate to severe cases of TMJD, patients can benefit from having Botox particles injected into the masseters, one of the major muscle groups responsible for grinding and clenching, by doing so the masseters no longer exert as much force, thereby alleviating the symptoms.