Our dental office space has been designed to maximize patient comfort and reduce patient anxiety.


We have worked with award winning architects to develop a modern, relaxing, and appealing environment. All of the decisions made in regards to interior design were carefully selected to provide the optimal patient experience.


Our patients’ reactions have been overwhelmingly positive and we are very proud of the results.

Please visit our office and we will be glad to give you a tour.

Commitment to Infection Control


Tremont Dental Care is committed to finding the best technology available to keep our practice safe for both patients and staff. We take universal precautions with all of our patients using the same protective measures to prevent transmission of any infectious disease.


All metal instruments are treated in an ultrasonic cleansing system and sterilized in an autoclave under high temperature and pressure. We subscribe to an independent laboratory service that weekly monitors the effectiveness of our autoclave.

We want you to be comfortable knowing we take every step possible to assure complete safety and protection. We welcome any questions and concerns you may have about our infection control procedures.