Cosmetic Dentistry Tips

Cosmetic Dentistry Tips From South Boston Dental Care on Tremont Street

Cosmetic dentistry has become quite popular especially in teeth whitening, commonly referred to as teeth bleaching. This exercise, however, is marred with doubts and questions pertaining to the exercise both professional and home teeth whitening.

It is notable that individuals who have mottled or stained teeth can do anything within their abilities to access teeth whitening. This could subject them to various dental hygiene issues and clinical conditions that are not favorable.

The most important thing to understand before embarking on a teeth whitening spree is to understand some causes of brown or mottled teeth.

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The following are some of the causes of colored teeth.

Darkening of teeth enamel due to age.
Staining of the teeth by cigarette smoke or other tobacco products.
Consumption of some soft drinks which have activity on teeth due to the sugars and other chemicals.
Staining of the teeth by caffeine, nicotine and theophyline contained in products such as coffee, tea or cigarettes.
Drinking of water that has a high concentration of fluorine.

Having known the causes of brown and colored teeth, one can now look at some of the practices used in teeth whitening. Also, you can  determine if they are successful and effective in attaining the desired effects. Teeth whitening exercise is important because it creates self esteem to individuals who previously lost it due to the effects of the teeth color on their personality and social state.

There are two most important constituents that are present in teeth whitening products, either applied by the dentist at Tremont Dental Care in the South End of Boston or those used at home. These constituents include:

Bleaching agents
Teeth whitening attain better success when the teeth stains are on the exterior of the enamel although it is also possible to bleach teeth with colored substances on the interior of the enamel. It should be kept in mind that teeth whitening only happens on natural teeth and not on any artificial enhancements.

Additionally, the need to have whiter teeth should not drive individuals to try any mechanical teeth whitening because this does more harm than good on the teeth enamel, and could even lead to not only browning of the teeth, and facilitating the dissolution of colored substances to the teeth but to have potential of leading to teeth decay.

Teeth whitening have attained great advancement since it was first introduced so that the products that are now used in the exercise are simple for individuals to use and they include chewing gums, toothpastes, rinses and many other products that contain antitartarates and anticalculus that are the main compounds that form the bulk of colored teeth.

Unfortunately, however, it goes without saying that all medical exercises have side effects, and this does not overlook teeth whitening. Some of the side effects associated with teeth whitening include burns from chemicals used for the exercise, increased risk of developing tongue cancer and teeth sensitivity. There is no more need to fear going to social functions because you have colored teeth, teeth whitening is so much a reality.

Here at Tremont Dental Care in the South End of Boston we want you to have a kissable February 14th and a lifetime of excellent dental health. If you have any questions or need to set up an appointment, please send up an email or give us a call at (617) 424-0606.

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