The history of the Toothbrush

The history of the Toothbrush From Tremont Dental In South Boston Massachusetts

When toothbrushes were a part of common everyday hygiene routines, there’s a history behind how the toothbrush became of what is a standard part of oral care. The toothbrush’s journey started back as far as 3500 B.C. and in ancient Greek and Roman literature discusses primitive means to clean the teeth and mouth. As time passed modifications were made to where it became chew sticks, which was the size of a modern length pencil. One end was chewed on until it softened up and became brush like when the opposite end was pointed and that was used to pick food and debris out of the teeth and gums basically drafting itself into the prototype of tooth picker and later into dental floss.

The history of the Toothbrush From Tremont Dental In South Boston Massachusetts

The twigs used were carefully selected from plants that had pleasant smelling extracts that was good for freshening up the breath, which became an early form of mouthwash. The first unofficial toothbrush came about in China around 1600 A.D. and fast forward to the year 1780 the first toothbrush was invented by an Englishman named William Addis. Addis’ descendants had went forth and produced higher quality brush where the handle was carved out of cow bones and the bristles were bored into the holes and held together by wire. The natural bristles were obtained from the hair of pigs and hogs that lived in colder climates around China and Siberia (Northern Russia near the arctic circle).

By the early 1800’s the toothbrushes were in use around parts of Europe and Japan. In 1857 American-born inventor H.N. Wadsworth was issued the first patent for a toothbrush when the United States entered the growing and expanding toothbrush market at that time. In 1844 the first toothbrush was assembled by hand and later patented as a 3 row serrated bristles with large tufts by a man named Dr. Meyer L Rhein. Around 1885 the Florence Manufacturing Company of Massachusetts in partnership with Dr. Rhein began producing the prophylactic brush for mass marketing in the United States. As technology advanced, synthetic bristles. Around 1938 was when the material nylon was used to make bristles and the following year electric toothbrushes were introduced in an attempt to offer people the same effects as a manual brush, but with better results and a more effective cleaning of the teeth and gums.

According to history people really didn’t brush their teeth until soldiers returning to the states after World War II . The first official electric toothbrush was produced in 1939, developed in Switzerland. The electric toothbrush was released in the United States by Squibb Pharmaceuticals Inc. (now Bristol-Meyers Squibb) and it was called Broxident.

General Electric introduced a rechargeable and cordless version of the electric toothbrush in 1961. Interplak (manufactured by Conair) created the first rotary action toothbrush for home use in 1987 years before Oral-B came out with their battery powered cordless toothbrush.

Since then many modifications have been made including the current line of electric toothbrushes that allow it to be cordless so it only requires a rechargeable battery and periodical replacement of the bristle head and battery when needed. It’s come a long way from when it was a simple stick and it went on a journey through many modifications over a course of a couple thousand years to what it’s become now as the instrument of oral hygiene care and maintenance.

The history of the Toothbrush From Tremont Dental In South Boston Massachusetts

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