Root Canals By The Experts In South Boston Tremont Dental

Root Canals By The Experts In South Boston Tremont Dental

The space inside the tooth from the center, known as the pulp chamber, that travels down the length of the root to the tip (or apex) is called a “canal,” or more specifically, a root canal. Human teeth may have one to four root canals, depending on the anatomy of the tooth. Molars, may have 2 to 4 canals, premolars may have 1 to 2 canals, cuspids may have 1 to 2 canals, and finally incisors generally have 1 canal. Extra canals may branch out from the main canal, called “accessory canals.” The number of canals and the anatomy can vary among teeth.

While years ago a root canal was done in 2-3 settings requiring multiple appointments, today they can be easily done all in one appointment. Front teeth can generally be done even under an hour, while molars may take up to 2 hours. Of course, the lenght also depends on various other factors such as the extension of the work, how collaborative the patient is, and how fast the dentist works.

Root Canals By The Experts In South Boston Tremont Dental

Nowadays, the only pain felt in most cases, is just the prick of the needle delivering the Novocaine. In the remote event that one would feel pain during the procedure, dentists can give a further anesthetic injection that will numb it up. However, most people report that they feel nothing and some eventually even nod off only to wake up when they are done.

Check to see if the tooth develops spontaneous pain–that is, pain that doesn’t come from either chewing or from eating very hot or cold foods (which can cause a healthy tooth to throb). It may suggest decay in the pulp of the tooth, which means that a root canal is needed to clear out the rotting tissues and restore health to the mouth.

Wait for the pain to diminish after you have eaten cold food like ice cream. Teeth are sensitive to extreme temperature changes and they will normally ache after eating something very cold. However, if the aching doesn’t diminish for a minute or longer once the food is swallowed, you may want to look into a root canal. Recognize the sensation when a tooth exhibits no response to temperature change whatsoever. If hot or cold food produces no aches in a tooth, the nerves may be dead or decayed and must be removed before the bacteria causes more damage.

Examine the gums for swelling, excessive tenderness or discoloration. When a root canal is needed in a tooth, the surrounding tissue may be irritated or inflamed, making it easier to notice. A root canal performed properly will diminish such irritation and help the gums return to normal. Ask your dentist to take x-ray pictures. This is the surest and most dependable sign that a root canal is needed. You can recognize when a tooth requires a root canal if a shadow appears near its apex on the x-ray: this isn’t the only sign that the tooth is in trouble, but it remains one of the most reliable.

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Root Canals By The Experts In South Boston Tremont Dental

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