Stop Contributing to the South End of Boston’s Collective Cavity Count

Stop contributing to the South End of Boston’s collective cavity count

This Halloween, go against the crowd and stop contributing to the South End of Boston’s collective cavity count.? We found some fun alternatives to Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters.? There are options that won’t make your house one to avoid on Halloween.? Nobody wants toothbrushes, water bottles, or raisin packets in place of candy.? Instead, get creative and share some fun candy substitutes with your neighbors!

So protect?a few teeth, make all of the dentists and hygienists at Tremont Dental Care happy, and go with one of the candy alternatives we found:

Temporary Tattoos

Kids love temp. tattoos and this time of year it is very easy to find Halloween themed tattoos for kids.

Honey Sticks

At Wholefoods or your local farmer’s market or at the Boston Honey Company*?there is almost always a selection of natural honey sticks, still sweet but better for your teeth than candy.


Pre-packaged or made at home you can try different flavors: white cheddar, lime, or caramel.


Giving out apples or other fruit is an easy to manage alternative.


Get a crate or two of mini-pumpkins for your trick-or-treaters. If you’re feeling creative you can draw faces on them or write spooky Halloween messages.

Mini Cereal Boxes

These mini boxes often come in assorted brands and flavors so you can have a selection for the kids.

Glow-In-The-Dark Stickers

Kids can play with the stickers and decorate their costumes or they can take them home and put them on their bedroom walls.

Lip Balm

Get a mix of different colors and flavors. Decorate the tubes with Halloween stickers for more flare.

Cracker Snack-Pack

Find Halloween themed cracker packs (cheese or peanut butter are both big hits).

Your neighbors and the team at Tremont Dental Care will thank you for your efforts to stop contributing to the South End of Boston’s collective cavity count!


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