10 Foods Your Dentist in the South End of Boston Wishes You’d Quit

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Many foods you consume can have a medically “healthy” stamp of approval yet they can still crack, chip, wear away, or otherwise damage your teeth.? Here is a list of the top ten foods your dentist in the South End of Boston wants you to avoid, some items may surprise you!

Granola Bars

A lot of times when we’re running late on time or energy we will grab a granola bar for breakfast or lunch.? Even though these can have positive effects on your overall health, many bars can present the same harm to your teeth as candy.? With high sugar content and an often sticky consistency it is always best for your teeth to grab a piece of fresh fruit instead.

Water with Lemon

The harm that comes from drinking water with lemon is more based on the frequency of consumption.? If you are limiting the lemon water to once a day or so (especially pairing it with?food) you aren’t at a great risk for erosion.? However, if you sip lemon water throughout the day everyday the acid found in lemon juice?can ultimately lead to tooth decay.

Coffee with Cream

By adding cream and/or sugar to your coffee you are ultimately putting your teeth at risk.? The added sugar content in cream (and sugar itself) adds a constant sugary coating to your teeth that essentially feeds the bacteria on your teeth and gums and can boost cavity growth.? Black coffee is better for your cavity count, however it can increase?staining.


Sugary, sticky foods such as caramel or taffy can be the worst agent to introduce to your mouth.? These foods will overtime most certainly lead to cavities.


Studies have shown that alcohol use can increase your chances of contracting mouth cancer.? Aside from this, alcohol consumption is also detrimental to your teeth as well.? The dehydrating properties in alcohol reduces your saliva production which can lead to cavities?and periodontal disease.? These issues are heightened when you drink alcohol in excess, so try to limit your drinking and always remember to stay hydrated.


Soda negatively affects your oral health because of the sugar and acid content.? The sugar creates cavities (similarly to caramel) and the acid leads to tooth erosion.? Even brushing following soda consumption doesn’t help, you may actually be further eroding your teeth because they are softened by the acid.? Basically, avoid soda all together.


Many times, chewing ice can lead to broken teeth, we see this a lot with our patient’s in the South End of Boston.? Despite the stress relief or oral fixation, chewing ice will most likely lead to broken or cracked teeth

Popcorn and Chips

Popcorn and chips can get wedged or stuck between your teeth and gums.? Often this can trap sugar in between your teeth as well.? Even with proper brushing and flossing you can still attract bacteria to these sites, sometimes even leading to gum infections.

Dried Fruit

In terms of your overall health dried fruit is a better option than candy.? That being said, dehydrated fruit is not much better than candy for your oral health.? The sticky texture combined with the sugar content can actually have similar effects as caramel or other chewy candy.? As long as you stay diligent with daily brushing and flossing you can still enjoy dried fruit occasionally, however fresh fruit is always the best option.

Hard Candies

Our dentists agree that hard candy is always terrible for your teeth.? The hard exterior can lead to chipped or cracked teeth, while the sugar content creates a hotbed for cavity causing bacteria.

Overwhelming research now shows just how important good oral health is when related to overall health.? Poor oral health can take a toll on your body and result in many issues ranging from diabetes to heart disease.? So, if having a beautiful healthy smile isn’t reason enough, consider your overall health when it comes to maintaining your oral health.? Avoid this list of food our dentist in the South End of Boston has compiled to further help you in your quest for perfect oral health.

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