Why Children Need Dental Sealants in the South End of Boston


With children already back at school and?Halloween only about a month away there seems to be many parents racing to have their children seen at our dental office in the South End of Boston.? An important part of your children’s health care is having them see a dentist regularly (at least every six months).? In addition to routine cleanings, exams, x-rays, and fluoride treatments, one thing some parents tend to overlook is the necessity of dental sealants for every child.

Introduced in the 1960’s, dental sealants are individual coatings applied to the surfaces of teeth. They fill in and seal pits and grooves of teeth, making them more resistant to bacteria that can cause cavities.? Because molars are more cavity-prone, sealants are usually applied there. Dental sealants are most often recommended when children’s first permanent molars come in ? between ages 5 and 7 ? and again when their 12-year molars come in ? usually between ages 11 and 14. Dentists may also offer sealants for older children and for adults prone to cavities.

Countless research has been composed (including a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention*) showing the positive outcome of children having sealants.? These studies yield much lower percentages of pediatric patients with cavities if they have had dental sealants done at a young age.

If your child’s health isn’t reason enough to move forward with dental sealants, consider this, the average filling in our office is often up a few hundred dollars per tooth, whereas the average sealant cost is $75.00 per tooth.

This simple procedure done by one of our dentists will not only assist your children in the prevention of cavities, but it will also give you piece of mind when you see them eating those sugary treats on Halloween.? If your child (or yourself for that matter) needs dental care assistance, please give us a call or email us today!? Were located in the heart of the South End of Boston and our team would love to see you and your whole family and to make you smile!


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