Free, Live, Online Dental Consultations in the South End of Boston!


Here at Tremont Dental Care in the South End of Boston, we are the first full service, multi-specialty practice to offer live, online, free consultations!? Our panel of general dentists and specialists will provide you with solutions to your problems or concerns concerning your oral health. Our team consists of specialists who focus on general dentistry, gum issues, root canals, implants, extractions, and cosmetic dentistry.
Whatever the question or concern may be, our team will be able to help.? Whether you want to inquire about a cleaning or filling in the South End or something more complicated like veneers or implants just send us a few quick sentences describing your concerns and we will do our best to diagnose what is going on.? Our team may ask you to send current x-rays to ensure that questions are answered quickly and accurately.

Your questions will be answered live (during business hours) by the specialist best suited for your needs.? If you ask your question outside of business hours you will hear back from us on the very next business day.

This service is provided for non-emergent conditions only. If you are in need of urgent care, you should call the office directly at (617)424-0606.

Take advantage of our confidential and free online dental consultation today and talk to a dentist from the comfort of your own home!

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