Halloween Tips for Your Kids in the South End of Boston


It’s Halloween again and we know concerned parents throughout Boston and the nation want to help their children avoid “zombie mouth”.? As kids across the country know there is hardly anything better than trick-or-treating in costumes and getting free candy from neighbors.? Especially now it is imperative for parents to reduce sugar from their children’s diets during the Halloween season.? Failing to limit your kids’ sugar consumption will lead them to become more prone to tooth decay.? Then you will be forced to treat your children’s teeth with dental fillings in the South End of Boston.

Your children will also be accustomed to consuming large quantities of sugar, affecting their overall health.? These scenarios are especially aggravated if the Halloween candy lasts weeks or even months.? Even though encouraging candy consumption on Halloween has become the standard that we all live by there are ways to prevent your child’s mouth from looking like a scene from the night of the living dead.

So here are some tips on how to reduce the amount of sugar your kids consume this Halloween:

-Set limits on candy intake.? Instead of letting your kids finish the entire bag of candy in one sitting, divide them into small sandwich bags and tell them that each small bag of candy has to last an entire day or two.

-Don’t leave the candy out.? Store the candy in places where kids won’t have easy access to it. That way they won’t be constantly reminded of candy.

-Steer the focus of Halloween towards something other than candy.? Such as carving pumpkins, decorating the front steps, or attending a haunted event.? Show your kids that Halloween is not just about candy.

-And of course, have them practice excellent oral hygiene at home.? Be a good example and floss regularly in front of them.? By avoiding sugary foods yourself, your kids will learn from you and do the same.

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