Tremont Dental On The Cost of Teeth Whitening

Tremont Dental On The Cost of Teeth Whitening

Tremont Dental On The Cost of Teeth Whitening Tips to help you keep your teeth whiter at a lower cost to you. Call Tremont Dental In South Boston.

Tremont Dental On The Cost of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can boost a persons self esteem in many ways. Not only do white teeth symbolize status and good heath, but they also provide a focal point when communicating with one another. Furthermore, white teeth are often a source of attraction for both sexes.

Many people go through a lot in order to keep their teeth white. However, with the popularity of coffees and teas continuing to grow, people often forget the importance of keeping their teeth white and instead opt for the caffeine boost that they are looking for in order to get through the day.

After years of coffee and smoke stains accumulate on a person’s teeth, professional teeth whitening becomes the best option for getting a great smile once again. Several teeth whitening products are available. These include whitening toothpastes, bleaches, and cosmetic treatments. Teeth whitening cost is an important issue to consider when looking at all of the different teeth whitening products that are available.

The cheapest teeth whitening product is toothpaste. At approximately $2.50 a bottle, a person can get their teeth up to one shade whiter. Teeth-whitening toothpastes contain hydrogen peroxide, which is a bleaching substance. This substance boosts the stain removal ability of toothpaste. This inexpensive teeth-whitening product may be best for those trying to maintain the whiteness of their teeth. Those looking for a more drastic improvement in the color of their teeth might want to try other options that may be more costly.

Most dentists will recommend that teeth whitening be performed in the dental office rather than at home. Teeth whitening is usually more effective when supervised. However, in terms of teeth whitening cost, procedures performed in the dental office are usually more expensive than those done at home. Typically, the fee for teeth-whitening procedures is around $500.

On the higher end, teeth-whitening treatments may cost $900. The difference in price depends on several factors such as where a person lives and what dental office they go to for treatment. In some offices and in some regions the price may exceed $900.

Another factor that plays into teeth whitening cost has to do with who actually performs the procedure. For instance, if a staff member rather than the actual dentist performs the teeth whitening procedure, costs may be lessened. It is important to mention that most insurance plans do not cover teeth whitening costs.

When thinking about teeth whitening costs, it is important to know that many people make multiple visits to the dentist during the whitening process. This means that usually people are not satisfied with having their teeth whitened in a single visit. On average, it takes about three visits to produce a satisfied customer. Therefore, multiple visits to the dentist must be added into the typical cost of teeth whitening.

Over the long term, the teeth whitening process does not produce permanent effects and repeat visits must be made in order to maintain maximum whiteness. Those who continue to stain their teeth by drinking coffee and smoking may have to visit the dentist more often for whitening procedures than those who do not. These repeat visits also must be factored into teeth whitening cost.

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