South End of Boston: Oral Health and Oral Contraceptives


Even though millions of women take oral contraceptives, estimated between 8 million and 10 million in the United States alone, few are aware of their side effects.

Studies have shown that oral contraceptives can worsen a patients’ inflammatory status.? These drugs can cause Erythema (a reddening of the gums) and increase tendency towards gum bleeding.? In some cases, oral contraceptives can even cause gum enlargement.? They may also increase the likelihood of dry socket after a tooth extraction.

Regular dental check-ups, cleanings, and meticulous plaque control will minimize the side effects of oral contraceptives.? Therefore it is advised that if you use these you should inform your dentist and dental hygienist.? By doing so our team can help develop a proper oral hygiene program for you.

Here at Tremont Dental Care, located in the South End of Boston, we provide our patients with customized treatment plans that are best suited for each individual’s lifestyle and personal needs.

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