What options exist for having a crown placed in the South End of Boston?

In the world of dentistry it is fairly common for a tooth to decay, break, or weaken to the point where a crown is the best option.? After your dentist tells you it is time for a crown or time to replace an existing crown you may wonder what options you have.

When it comes to making a crown the traditional method involves taking impressions and sending the molds out to a lab to fabricate your crown.? The traditional process ends with a follow-up appointment to cement the final crown in a couple weeks.? This method is used less frequently at Tremont Dental Care because we now offer a one-day CEREC crown.

With all of the work done in our office, in the South End of Boston, we will fabricate your ceramic crown and cement it that same day.? Not only is the material durable, the shade perfectly matched, but also there is no use of temporary crowns.? It is true, you will leave that same day with your final crown.? Therefore, you can waste less time out of your hectic schedule on dentistry.

This state of the art technology is relatively new, but the dentists at Tremont Dental Care are all experts and have had years of experience making their own CEREC crowns in office.? Please fill out the contact form if you have to schedule a crown appointment and you will receive a special price.

No one likes having dental work done, therefore we strive to make our methods more painless and efficient.? Schedule a no cost, no commitment crown consultation today!

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