Dental Care More Important for Expecting Mothers in the South End of Boston

The Health Department and our dentists in the South End of Boston?encourage pregnant women to be diligent with their dental care.

expecting mothers dentists in the South End of Boston

Our dentists in the South End of Boston encourage all pregnant women to seek dental exams and treatment even more frequently than they normally would.? Especially, if you’re a patient with heavy plaque and/or are prone to cavities you may want to consider having cleanings 3 or 4 times during your pregnancy (as opposed to the average once every 6 months).

If you’re an expecting mother and have dental work that is pressing it is best to have the work done during 13th-21st weeks of gestation.? You must keep in mind ‘healthy mothers make healthy babies’ and the mother’s dental health is a major part of that.

Another way to think about it is if a pregnant woman has dental problems and cannot eat properly, then she is not getting the proper nutrition. And therefore, her baby is not either.? What goes into your mouth becomes part of the baby you are carrying.? Caring for themselves is caring for their child and this is something we want young mothers to remember.

Hormonal changes during the second trimester of a pregnancy can often times discourage mothers from brushing and flossing, when it’s of utmost importance. During pregnancy gums become much more sensitive. Regular brushing and flossing can cause some bleeding. So sometimes expectant mothers become scared and stop properly caring for their teeth.? That is the worst thing they could do. Due to greater blood flow during pregnancy, any infection in your mouth can affect the rest of the body more quickly; which can then increase the risk of pre-term labor or even result in a miscarriage.

Caring for your dental health is always very important.? The idea of how dental health affects the entire body doesn’t just apply to pregnant woman.? Expecting mothers have two bodies to consider and some don’t realize the danger and risks involved with skipping or neglecting oral hygiene.? If you are an expecting mother and want to come in for a routine cleaning or checkup, please call or email us today!

For the ADA’s?opinions on this matter click here.

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