How Long Do the Zoom Whitening Results Last?

How Long Do the Zoom Whitening Results Last?

Are you wondering How Long Do the Zoom Whitening Results Last?One of the latest technologies to enter the teeth whitening market is a product called Zoom! This new process results in whiter, brighter teeth in a fraction of the time it takes for at-home whitening treatments.

Zoom whitening results are consistently much better than those achieved by at-home whitening systems, because Zoom uses a patented UV light technology which enhances the action of the whitening gel, allowing it to penetrate more fully into the tooth’s enamel.

Teeth whitening systems operate on the principle that hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent, can lighten the appearance of teeth when it can penetrate through the enamel and reach the inner portion of the tooth, where stains are often found. The Zoom system allows better penetration of the whitening gel than most other systems, and the action of the hydrogen peroxide is enhanced by the UV lighting.

How Long Do the Zoom Whitening Results Last?

The results of Zoom whitening are not only more dramatic, but they tend to last for a longer time than other treatments, as well.

Teeth whitening does not permanently keep your teeth white, although old stains will always be lighter. However, smoking, certain food and drinks, and aging can eventually darken your teeth again, and you will have to have another whitening treatment to remove these new stains.

Zoom whitening lasts much longer than traditional treatments, however, because it penetrates more fully into the stained center portion of the teeth, lightening them more fully. Zoom also offers post-care treatment solutions such as Zoom!

Weekender and Nite White gel. With regular brushing, flossing, and use of these products, your new white smile will last for years, especially if you avoid common staining agents such as cigarettes, coffee, and tea.

To keep your smile at its brightest, start with a Zoom! treatment, and follow up with regular dental hygiene habits and professional cleanings twice a year.

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