Is Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure Painful

Is Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure Painful?

If you are considering Zoom whitening, you may be wondering if the procedure will cause discomfort. In general, most patients report almost no sensation at all before, during, or after the treatment. A few patients have noted that their teeth seemed somewhat sensitive, or that they experienced minor discomfort or a “tingling” sensation during the procedure. However, these side effects are always mild and disappear quickly.

Zoom whitening is one of the quickest and safest ways to get a great smile. The Zoom procedure uses an ultraviolet light to enhance the whitening solution, allowing it to work faster and harder at making your teeth beautiful and white.

Due to the nature of teeth whitening, some patients experience mild discomfort. This is usually reported as a slight tingling sensation during the procedure, or a slight sensitivity to hot and cold after the procedure. Both sensations usually disappear quickly.

Is Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure Painful

Your overall oral health may have some effect on your teeth whitening experience, as well. If you already have sensitive teeth from enamel loss, you may be more likely to experience sensitivity during Zoom. If you are suffering from gingivitis, the tingling described may be more pronounced.

However, if you are generally healthy and have no real oral problems, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy the Zoom whitening experience and the beautiful results it provides.

Talk with our dentist prior to any teeth whitening procedure. Explain any past or present oral problems you have had, especially tooth sensitivity or gum disease.

Our dentist will examine your mouth carefully and decide if the Zoom treatment is right for you. Our dentist may also recommend that you begin using a sensitive-teeth toothpaste for some time prior to having the Zoom treatment done, as this seems to minimize the sensitivity experienced by patients with Zoom.

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