How Long Does Zoom Whitening Treatment Take?

How Long Does Zoom Whitening Treatment Take?

How Long Does Zoom Whitening Treatment Take?

How Long Does Zoom Whitening Treatment TakeWe are all born with beautiful, white teeth. However, foods with high acid content, coffee, tea, smoking, and certain drugs such as tetracycline slowly dim our white smiles, making teeth appear yellow or brown as we age. This used to be inevitable, but these days, there are many options for teeth whitening that allow people to regain that beautiful, white smile with relative ease.

Teeth whitening has come a long way since the advent of messy gels and trays that you wore for weeks on end to achieve a white smile. Formerly, the only options for those who wanted whiter teeth were protracted treatment systems or expensive in-office treatments with results that were temporary at best. With the new technology available for brightening your teeth, however, what used to be difficult is now much simpler.

Of the available products, Zoom whitening is one of the best. Using an in-office bleaching process, you can actually see results right away, and in less time than it takes to have a cavity filled.

Zoom whitening employs a hydrogen peroxide solution that penetrates dental enamel, lightening stains and discolorations. As the hydrogen peroxide penetrates, the stains are exposed to oxygen, which cleans and lightens them. The unique Zoom system also uses an enhanced lighting that speeds up the process of the hydrogen peroxide, giving you results faster than traditional whitening treatments.

A Zoom whitening treatment will generally take 45 minutes to one hour to complete, after a thorough cleaning. The application of the gel and light is simple, and you can relax during the entire procedure. While most patients tolerate the treatment with no problems, there are occasions of sensitivity, which generally fades after a few days. Only a professional should whiten teeth, so that your dentist can monitor your general oral health.

Although your results will be permanent, they can fade over time. Thus, as with any teeth whitening treatment, follow-up care is advised. You should avoid strong staining agents, such as coffee or tobacco smoke, and brush and floss regularly. You can also use Zoom Weekender or White Nite Gel to help retain your beautiful results.

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