Residents of the South End of Boston Love Coffee


Studies show that about half of all Americans drink coffee daily, however I would say more than half of the residents of the South End of Boston drink coffee daily.? There have been numerous studies done on both the positive and negative effects of coffee on one’s health, but you may wonder what are some of the effects coffee has on your teeth?

According to several recent studies, coffee can actually decrease tooth decay.? When roasted coffee beans were tested against S. Mutans (the bacteria that causes tooth decay) the coffee beans turned out to have antibacterial effects.

The coffee beans, in these studies, prevented bacteria from being absorbed in the teeth.? More studies done on this subject have revealed that coffee beans may not necessarily prevent the bacterial growth, but rather decrease the overall amount of bacteria that sticks to the teeth.

The science behind this is that the tannins found in the coffee interfere with the glucosyltransferase activity of the S. Mutans, thereby preventing plaque formation.? However, a common negative effect of coffee is the tendency to cause staining.? Though it is believed that some beans contain less staining agents than others there are some ways to help prevent the staining in general.? Using a straw to drink your coffee is one great way to prevent staining.? Also, brushing afterwards is also very effective in preventing staining or discoloration of your teeth.

Coffee does have negative implications to your health when consumed excessively.? Therefore it is advised to consume it in moderation and only if your physician advises you to drink coffee.?? Also, do not forget, sugar should never be added to your coffee!

When battling contradicting views on oral health care Tremont Dental Care in the South End of Boston can often help explain things.? We offer free consultations to discuss anything that may be of concern to you.? Call our office with questions or to set something up today!

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